Your business is one of a kind, but it's tough to find the right copy to show off how awesome you are and drive sales. Or maybe you're in the non-profit sector, which can be tough to get new and consistent donors. You need to tell a story that draws people in. Let Noted & Noticed help you choose the right words to establish you as an expert in your field and make your business or non-profit
a smashing success. 


-Blog Posts
-Print Features
-White Papers
-Pitch Letters
-Press Releases
-Editorial Calendars

-About Us Pages

Whether we’re talking print or digital, one of the best ways to promote your organization is to show that you really know what you're talking about. Articles, blog posts and white papers are a great way to establish your expertise in your industry.

Unfortunately, the research and time it takes to put these together often makes it impossible for businesses to craft something worth while and still make sure the sales cycle isn’t slipping.

Leave the writing to me. I'll do my thing, you do yours, business booms, and everyone’s happy. Your boss will definitely pull out the gold stars. 

Nothing is more difficult than writing about yourself. Whether you’re launching a new blog or website, or making some updates to an old one, a killer “About Me” page will make all the difference in showing your audience you are a relatable, reliable resource.

Noted & Noticed can work with you to find a way to show off your skills without coming off as braggy or obnoxious. 

About Page Overhaul

Website or Product CopyWRiting

Nothing sells your business quite like a professional, top-notch website. And in the NFP world, nothing sells your mission quite like telling a heartfelt story about how you are making a difference. But no matter how beautiful your graphics or how easy to use the template is, you’re never going to get customers with sloppy text and a ton of typos.

Whether you need help crafting a kick-ass “about us” page, creating bios for some of your C-level experts, or writing some serious requests for donations, Noted & Noticed can develop the perfect website copy to grab the attention of your soon-to-be customers.

With SEO keyword-rich text, Google will be tripping over itself to send possible clients or donors your way. 

Planning a new webinar or e-course? Ensure your viewers will be wowed by having another pair of eyes on your product before you launch it to your excited audience. Simply send over all pieces and I’ll edit my little heart out to remove mistakes, make difficult topics more clear and ensure that you will manifest some insane passive income while you’re sleeping. 

Webinar & E-Course Editing

You’ve been working on this project for months. Of course everyone else in the room will know what you’re talking about when it comes to determining the speed of the synergystic project management alkshjdfkljzzzzzzzzz... Oh, sorry. I fell asleep there. 

Let Noted & Noticed help you put together a stellar speech or presentation to blow your clients’ minds away. Or maybe you just need some editing. We can help with that, too.

There’s no way they’ll sleep through this presentation. I think I can hear the sound of your promotion coming now...

Speeches & 

Memoir or mystery, you have a novel in your head. Let Noted & Noticed help you get it down on paper. With many options for ghostwriting, I can help with story development, outlining, or actual writing.

I’m also an excellent stenographer. Send recordings of yourself and I'll transcribe your rambling, one-sided discussions into viable chapters. Let’s get started!